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Custom Citrix Cloud-Based Server

“Sorry, the server’s down”: Outgrown, slow and unreliable in-house servers are more than frustrating, they’re chewing into the bottom line. Hours of IT repairs, achingly slow response time and the potential of a crash have smart managers looking at replacement options. And the cloud is a very popular option.

Everything runs faster: Mac, PC and mobile applications all run Citrix Fast, 4 to 5 times faster than any other platform. Citrix XenApp is the platinum standard for remote access

Through the roof, beyond the walls. Growth should not be limited by hardware or limited capital. With a Swizznet custom server, adding one or a hundred new users is just a click away. A virtual server works beyond physical constraints and scales to meet your changing needs.

A belt. And suspenders. Keeping your business running after disaster is tough without access to remotely secured data. The built-in redundancy and automated backups provide a level of security unmatched by most in-house setups.

It’s all about the service: Swizznet is rightly praised for our customer service, but don’t forget our IT team, based right here in the U.S. We update and maintain the apps on your server, we optimize operations, troubleshoot pesky glitches and, best of all, are standing ready with unlimited help, by call, click or email. 

Keep your capital in the bank. Your Swizznet virtual server is provided on a month-to-month agreement without long term commitment.

Get Swizznet. Or pay for expensive hardware, installation, maintenance and IT time.